Finally Dropped Anchor in Cape Town

After two days we finally have a place to stay in Cape Town. We prearranged an apartment here but on arrival found our prospective landlord to be crazier than a sack of rabid weasels. After escaping her American-hating grasp (miraculously with deposit in hand) we found a room at a nearby hostel. The following day, after a few hours of research, we found a great apartment: larger, better furnished, and less expensive than the first, and in an excellent location. We’ll lie low here for another week before we begin our overland tour.

2 Responses to “Finally Dropped Anchor in Cape Town”

  1. Hey Big Al and Jarson!
    Nice to hear you found an appartment that is cheaper and better than the other one form the lady. Thought she was VERY pushy on your decision… Hope you enjoy life in civilization! We do – back home ;-) Good but strange, so enjoy traveling for us!
    Andri & Corina

  2. Stacey Chase says:

    Friends! I am totally reading this…loving the blog and the mini-blog updates! I read it in a format at work though that doesn’t allow me to make comments…so, keep writing when you have the time because I love following your adventure!

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