Ever since we announced our decision to quit our jobs and travel around the world, people have been asking us a lot of questions.  We continue to hear the same questions over and over again, so we thought we’d post the most common ones.

When are you leaving?

March 2010

How long will you be gone?

We plan on traveling for a year but it may end up being anywhere from 10 to 14 months, depending on our finances and job prospects.

Where are you going?

The tentative plan is to start in New Zealand and work our way back to the United States via Asia, Southern Africa, Europe and South America.  A more detailed route can be found on the itinerary page.

What about your jobs?

We are both quitting our jobs.

What are you going to do with your house?

Deciding what to do with our house has probably been the most stressful part of preparing for our trip.  We thought about selling but having owned the house for less than five years and the real estate market being what it is, we’ve decided that it makes more sense for us to rent it out.  We’ve hired a property manager to find us a renter and take care of things while we’re away.

What are you going to do with all your stuff?

We sold some of our stuff, including our cars, and everything else is going into a storage unit.  Our parents have also been gracious enough to let us store a few things in their houses.

Are you going to buy an around-the-world plane ticket?

No, we are going to buy our first few tickets before we leave and future flights will be purchased along the way.  We looked into buying around-the-world tickets but found they had several restrictions we did not want to deal with.  For example, they need to be used within one year, some do not allow you to backtrack and they either have mileage limits or a maximum number of segments.  I know many people are fans of these tickets and they can work wonderfully if you have a definitive plan.  However, we want to have a lot of flexibility and our desire for this, ultimately, won out over our desire to benefit from the perks of an around-the-world ticket. Additionally, around-the-world ticket quotes weren’t any cheaper than the individually purchased one-way tickets we found while conducting our own internet search.

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  1. Takanori says:

    Hello Jason-san,

    Long time no see!

    I’m really glad to see you.
    We are so busy now in Japan.
    I will go to STP in July.
    Nancee-san and Eric-san will come to Japan in June.

    If you come to here, please catch us.
    I send you email again.


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